It never rains…

G’day sports fans, some of my loyal followers may be wondering ‘why has this guy not made any new posts lately?’. To answer this question I will start with saying it never rains but it pours! To begin with lets talk about how I make music; it starts usually with hashing out an idea on guitar, recording it, and building upon it with the aid of MIDI and DAW’s. Not to long ago I noticed that my guitar didn’t feel quite right and thought that I had outgrown it and it was time for a new one, on closer inspection and to my dismay I found that one of the pivot screws that holds the Floyd-Rose in place had completely collapsed and had come away from the body of the guitar (oh no!). If you recall the saying ‘the straw that broke the camels back’ then that’s pretty close when it comes to the issue with the pivot screw (repairing this is major guitar surgery and the end result cannot be guaranteed). So one link in my creative chain has been broken and most people can compensate for such an occurrence right? Well yes, you can and my solution is playing an acoustic until a new electric is purchased (although the convenience of recording via D.I. has gone for now). You could say its not the end of the world but that brings me to my next point, my Mbox Pro (gen 3) will not power on! After some discussions with AVID they have decided to repair the Mbox with shipping expenses falling under my responsibility ($187 to ship to Melbourne!)….oh boy. It is surely pouring right now! Without an interface I cant operate my DAW and this is a major setback but has provided me with a good lesson, the importance of back up gear. There is no doubt that I have certainly not prepared for a time like this but will use the whole experience as a valuable lesson, always have a back up plan and don’t put all of those lovely eggs in the one basket.

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