Austin Wintory

Today I am writing in response to the video on Austin Wintory. This video is quite inspiring, and because I would like to be a paid composer working with games and film, I found his insights very useful. Wintory discusses the fundamentals of music composition and states very clearly that composing music is not just about composing, there are other elements that work in along side the technical aspect of music writing. Wintory claims that composition techniques, technical aspects, an understanding of the business, personality and passion are critical if any one person wishes to make it in their field and mentions that this ethos runs true for many other fields (composition techniques are replaced for whatever field of work the person may do, e.g. games design).
To expand on Wintory’s thoughts about having a personality I would like to give an example from an audio engineers perspective, e.g when a musician is not performing well and multiple takes are needed the engineer must be focused and stern while still making the performer feel comfortable. This can be a challenge for many reasons; the performer may feel ‘stupid’ or they may have a hurt ‘ego’, the performer may have other issues that are affecting the performance, these problems may not be related to music in any way and the engineer may have to act almost like a counsellor to put the talent at ease and then get the takes needed.
Another thought I have about personality is that no one wants to work with a ‘stick in the mud’, and someone who you cant stand being around is no way to fill in your day, especially when the hours your working can be very long.


  1. Austin’s a pretty cool guy – I don’t know if you saw him when he spoke on campus last year. You may be aware of his current situation – he is facing a big fine from his own union. Video and text here …


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