Leaving the shire

Hello everyone and welcome back. I would like to share my thoughts about the first week of AUD311 and offer some warm and cool feedback. To start with many people may be wondering what it’s like being a student at SAE Brisbane, and to answer truthfully it is incredible. When you feel like your a plant thats been put in the perfect soil to grow and flower then you know that something is going right. Im not here to advertise the college but being around creative people is a really good feeling and I have no doubt that my best work to date will be made in this melting pot that is SAE Brisbane.

Week one has come and gone and Im excited about some upcoming projects that we can start working on, and I cant wait to get to the Neve, Audient and C24 studios. I have some ideas about different styles of music that could be produced and one includes music that feels ancient but is somehow technologically advanced. By technologically advanced i don’t mean I want to produce music that is electronic or modern sounding but more so music with strange meters like 7/4 and 5/4 and have more of a modal feel. Im currently working on a piece for classical guitar which I think achieves this idea of being ancient and technological, and once it’s arranged for an ensemble…its gonna rock!

Thanks for your interest and I’ll keep everyone up to date about the creative process behind my music, until then here’s a link to one of Howard Shore’s greatest achievements, The Lord of the Rings Symphony

enjoy and if anyones looking try not to cry.

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